Orange is the new pear

sorry for talking so much about my friend i just

it’s just sitting in the back of my mind…i want to talk about it but there isn’t really much to say. i tried to talk to my mom about it earlier and she kinda turned the conversation in a direction i didn’t want and then went to go do something else and kinda cut me off before i was done

my reaction to big changes in my life is to tell a lot of people for some reason….if anyone wants to add to the discussion but is afraid of being nosy or anything please go ahead i do not mind sharing information at all or maybe someone is going through something similar? i just kinda wanna chitchat


Whenever I run out of ideas I draw Sayaka



sacrifice her

This entire fucking site is on drugs


We saw this Pikachu on Saturday at JB Hi-Fi Indooroopilly.


QR code for ModCloth fans. I missed my chance to order this sweater for myself, so I have my ACNL characters wear it instead.


When you think about sad headcanons to tell your friends about their favorite characters